How to reset password for new added user

While providing the pop up forgot password receiving an password email reset password, but while resetting getting below error


waiting for the early response

sudo -u www-data php occ user:resetpassword YOUR-USERNAME

what is the procedure to reset the password from browser? Instead of occ cli, I would like to reset the password from browser

have you setup a mail server in basic-settings?
have you clicked Test and verify email settings

email working fine, only issue with the reset password

Ist this a local nextcloud user you are trying to reset the password for?

yes, not the admin password , trying to reset user password

Maybe you can set in the browser the user password to userpleasechangepassword34729805! and then send an email with the password to the user. :wink: Also i think there is an entry in the MariaDB. But i do not know where.

able create the new user with password but not able to create reset the password for the user