How to rename the NextCloud symbolic links in File Explorer in Windows 11?

I created a NextCloud server, and installed the Desktop app on Windows 11.
And I saw in the file explorer that a symbolic link was created to go to NextCloud.

But I have multiple accounts. Therefore, multiple symbolic links have been created.
Of course, there is no problem using it at all.
This is my greed, I want to rename this NextCloud symbolic link.

Automatically generated symbolic links have the following name rules,

Nextcloud - {Account}@{Domain}

I know that this name is managed in the registry below.


When I checked the key, I found two settings.

1. (default) | REG_SZ | Nextcloud - {Account}@{Domain}
2. ApplicationName | REG_SZ | Nextcloud

However, changing the data value of the key did not change anything in File Explorer, and when rebooted, it will eventually reset to its original value.
(Even if you delete NameSpace, all of these seem to recover at the same time as rebooting with the original name rule)

Is there a way to rename these symbolic links?
(If it’s possible to change icons, I’d like to know together)

Thank you :slight_smile:

There is a feature request on the bug tracker with a workaround (not mentioned if it works for Win11):