How to rename a group

Hi there,
I am using Nextcloud 23.0 on php 8.0.
I searched for a while on the web and here in support, but I can’t find a way to rename a group in my admin panel. Is it something still not available or is it possible to do so using online command?
Thank you :wink:

Bumping this?

Same problem for me, we use NC for a school and every year I need to rename the class groups. I have full db access and there is a table called “oc_groups” where all groups are listed. But will I get problems when I change the group name there? Because I think changing the group name does not take effect on the group users.

Is there a dedicated group id or is the group name used as index?

I found an issue started 2019 and last entry from Feb 2022. Issue is still open. Last entry, not tested from me:

There is a Table oc_groups and the field displayname.
I have renamed the appropriate entry.
Seems to work. But I can not test everything.
Maybe one problem is the field gid with the old name that you can not change. You can not use this name in the future.
So, at your own risk ;-))))