How to remove the "Copy to clipboard" icon/link

How do I remove the “Copy to clipboard” icon/link in sharing sidebar. I’ll write a short app for that?

Why do you want it? I think you can deactive or restrict sharing in the settings.

Maybe you find it in this code:

Sorry i can not program Vue. But in line 444 is the mouse-over text from the button. Maybe it is only the code for the action. Maybe you need the program that runs the part of the program.

I want to have the “…” visible but the icon just next to it hidden/disabled

@skjnldsv Maybe you can help here.

No no. Don’t touch the code!

Hiding the icon and removing its functionality is simple with customcss.

Install this app:

App-Id theming_customcss
App-Name Custom CSS
Summary Adjust the Nextcloud theme with custom CSS
Categories customization
App-Version 1.15.0
Repository GitHub - nextcloud/theming_customcss
Issue-Tracker Issues · nextcloud/theming_customcss · GitHub
NC min/max 20 / 28
Not-shipped (not included) App available in appstore
Appstore Custom CSS - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

Then enter this CSS in the customcss window:

/* removethe icon */
.sharing-entry__copy .icon-clippy { display: none; }

/* remove functionality */
.sharing-entry__copy { pointer-events: none; }

Tested on Nextcloud 27 and 28

Much and good luck,

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Thanks for the tip.
It appears to work - the icon is removed.
The balloon tip is still visible.

O I am sorry to hear that. I did not further test it because I do not need it.

Try it this way:

/* remove the icon */
.sharing-entry__copy .icon-clippy { display: none; }

/* remove functionality */
.sharing-entry__copy {
  pointer-events: none;
  cursor: default; /* "Optional: Set the cursor to 'default' to indicate that the button is not interactive." */

I hope that the balloon tip disappears with that.


I was wondering how the same would be done from my own app without having to install another app (Custom CSS). Preferable from plain vanilla Javascript.

Using Javascript debugger I am able to locate the element but is has no ID.