How to remove the Birthday calendar

By mistake, I imported three sets of a vcard-file. There was a birthday calendar created automatically, which has three dates for each birthday. I removed the contacts list, but the birthday calendar remains. Some of the 30+ users now have their calendar cluttered by birthday cakes.
How can I as an admin remove this calendar from all users? Removing the contacts list did not help.

Have you tried to force a calendar sync using the occ command line tool?

./occ dav:sync-birthday-calendar <user>

you can do that from the admin-account through the webGUI as well…

Really, where can I find that function in the GUI?

i was half wrong… you can’t do that for a specific user… only for all or for none.
you can find it under setup - groupware - calendar-servers

I can choose not to create the birthday calendar. That is good to know. I was taken by surprise. Can I create it for only some users?

But how to remove it? It seems it is visible for all users?`

About ./occ dav:sync-birthday-calendar will that remove the calendar if I have removed the contacts list? And do I need to do this for each user?

waaaaah :man_facepalming::

i was reading badly qhat @j-ed wrote. i am blond. sorry. i dont know of any way how to force a sync via the webGUI. so he was completely right.

i just don’t know what a sync should change…

so as i didnt like the built-in birthday-calendar i disabled birthday calendars systemwide (in the webgui) and then setup a personal birthdaycalendar… thus i would have full control over this calendar as well - and it works.

Will that remove the calendar if I have removed the contacts-list?
Do I need to do that for each user?

Usually the sync command won’t remove the calendar itself, but hopefully the invalid birthday events. If it works as expected you can run the command for each user. Normally the sync will automatically be kicked-off by a cronjob so it would only a question of time how long it will take to get the birthday events updated/cleared.