How to remove external storage?

How do I remove external storage after adding it? I forgot :smiley:!

EDIT: I see how this original post could cause some confusion. I’m not referring to the app itself, but to a source (such as Google Drive or Dropbox).

What do you want to do:

  • Remove a specific external storage from a user?
  • Remove the external storage app from your instance?

Neither. I want to remove an external storage source from the settings. I added “local” storage, now I want to remove it.

Under the apps section. (Top left corner) Click the plus button.
In the enabled section is will be in the list called external storage support. Just disabled it.

The “local” can only be added (and removed) by the admin in the Administration menu

Please read my previous reply. I don’t want to remove the app.

I am the admin. I’m trying to figure out how to remove it.

O Sorry I misunderstood.

In the Admin menu, hover over the external storage you want to removed, in the far right very end of the row with the storage you want to remove there is a little trash can icon.