How to remove all the links that correspond to mobile and desktop clients?


I would like to find a way to remove all the links that lead to the mobile and desktop clients of nextcloud.

In the notes application, I find that problem that there are links to the applications on github.

how do i do it?


Why is that a problem?

by following the GitHub link, forking the repo, changing the code and building an apk from your fork.

Thanks for your reply.

I don’t want to use any app.

I only want to delete the text that is in the “Notes” application and in which the links are.

I am not interested in having links for desktop or mobile applications. That is the reason.


Ah you’re talking about Notes app for the Nextcloud WebUI…

You could look at he code and the structure of the app here… Maybe you can change one of he files that are installed on your server. But be aware that these changes most likely will get overwritten during upgrades of the app.

if I am clear what will happen in the updates, for that reason I did not want to start looking for the file.

and I wanted to know if anyone knew of a css class using display: none

thank you also for your help. Regards.

.feature.icon-phone {