How to re-attach to indexing terminal

I ssh to my nextcloud server to index. The data is flowing nicely to follow the progress.

However, as I have so many files, it takes many days to complete. Most of the time, the ssh drops somehow in the middle of process. I know that the process is going on internally, but is there a way to re-attach to progress window?

This is only possible if you use e.g. the command line tool screen. It creates a virtual terminal window in which you can start any command on a Linux server. If the terminal connection to the server is being interrupted, you can reconnect to the latest session without any problem.

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Exactly, screen is the beast. With some research you will find the basics commands like how to:

  • install screen (package should be named ‘screen’),
  • run it for the first time (screen),
  • create new window/session (Ctrl-a c),
  • navigate throw the session (Ctrl-a n or Ctrl-a p or Ctrl-a )
  • re-attach a lost session (screen -dr).

Use screen and run your index inside. Use ./occ fulltextsearch:stop if you have an error saying that index is already running, because the index you ran without screen is just waiting for timeout

Thank you very much. Works like a charm.