How to purchase Nextcloud?

I am trying to purchase “Basic” for Nextcloud.

Several days ago I did go online and filled out the “Order Online” form, but have received nothing since the
first email stating they have my Order_From information. That was several days ago.

It’s funny I actually want to PAY them and they are not available.

Can anyone help move this along?



@jospoortvliet could you please help this guy?

@rdavis as nextcloud is based in germany and as there are several bank-holidays these days (with all businesses being closed) it could happen that nextcloud is closed down as well. but believe me: the will be back pretty soon :frog:

Hi Roger,

I am happy to hear, that you want to buy Nextcloud Enterprise support :slight_smile: Could you send me a mail with your details to and I will check this with our sales team.


Thanks for your help. Was contacted and getting paper work going.


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