How to process files uploaded by users?


Is it possible to process files uploaded by the users? My use case is that users upload unencoded videos that are huge, and on the server side I would like to use ffmpeg or a sophisticated python script to encode the file and replace the uploaded file with the encoded version. What technique is available for this scenario? Since encoding can take minutes I would prefer a solution that is asynchronous and runs in the background after the upload is done.

I would recommend to check-out the app store, where you should find a workflow app which can be used to execute external script etc.

I have checked that but the documentation is quite scarce and the example processes the file and the output is saved outside of nextcloud. I am not sure how it would be used to modify the data stored in nextcloud.

A more detailed description of the available command line parameters can be found here. You need to parse the the file name “%n”, which also contains the relative path, and then you can run commands within a script etc.