How to prevent users to publish a calendar they are allowed to edit


I’m totally new to Nextcloud. At the moment, I try to create a calendar to be used by several users in different groups. Some groups should be allowed to edit entries, others should only see them.
The second group is pretty easy to configure. I have some problems with creating the first group, because no one should be able to publish the calendar as a public link.

All calendars are owned by a dummy calendar-user who shares the calenders with the different groups. The only setting is enabling/disabling editing, but I find no further possibility e.g. “editing”, “deleting” or “resharing”.

As Admin-User I’ve set up the following configuration. For files, all changes work as configured, for the calendar not at all.

There’s no difference by selecting or unselecting any point in the red marked area: If a user is allowed to edit a shared calendar, he is always able to create a link and publish the calendar to not-logged-in users.


Are there any enhanced settings for calendar-sharing or do I have to change the app’s source code to prevent users to publish a calendar with a link?

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same problem. Did you found a solution nowadays?