How to prevent showing core-common.js from web?

How to prevent showing core-common.js in from web?

The file is a client side Nextcloud Javascript software and is needed. You can read here. What is your goal? Why do you want to prevent showing from web?

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Before going live , Security team assessed the system and found this:

S/N Title Description Impact/Evidence Severity Level Solution
1 Vulnerable JS Library The identified library bootstrap, version 3.3.5 is vulnerable. High Please upgrade to the latest version of bootstrap.
2 Application Error Disclosure This page contains an error/warning message that may disclose sensitive information like
the location of the file that produced the unhandled exception. This information can be used
to launch further attacks against the web application. The alert could be a false positive if
the error message is found inside a documentation page. Medium Review the source code of this page. Implement custom error pages. Consider
implementing a mechanism to provide a unique error reference/identifier to the client
(browser) while logging the details on the server side and not exposing them to the user.

They are suggesting the above

For security please read Nextcloud security.

Which Nextcloud version do you use? Find it in config/config.php or access Read issue #33481. Read also Maintenance and Release Schedule.

Thanks for your kind support. We installed the 25.0.2 version. After recently we have updated it to 26.0.2.

Looks like Split Bootstrap version reference in Tooltip .scss · nextcloud/nextcloud-vue@bf1d674 · GitHub

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Yes. I checked the file core-commons.js from Nextcloud 26.0.2 with and i get no problems. I also think - if your Nextcloud version is supported - a false positive.

I would rather rely on Nextcloud security and Nextcloud’s integrity check than on any virus scanner. If the software passes the integrity check there is no virus - or all Nextcloud instances have got the same virus. :wink: Do you have a virus scanner on your mobile phones e.g. Business iPhones? It is the same. The apps are checked from the software maintainer.

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Okay, this is only a bad comment(v3.5.5),right? if so, which version is used in 26.0.2 version? is there anyway to remove it from the comment?