How to prevent sharing the entire Group Folder (but permit share files inside)

On our NC 24.0.3 I created a group folder named @UpLink to permit our users to have a public file drop folder to share outside files via share link . The group folder is associated with some users’s group with “Write” + “Share” + “Delete” rights so the users can operate on it for whole process.

It runs great, however I would want to prevent the users to share whole @UpLink folder (permit only to share a file contained inside that folder), is there a method to achieve this ?


That is one of the key built-in features from Nextcloud. Go to the sharing dialogue: click on this symbol image on the right side of each file or folder (before the three dots) and share the object with the restrictions you want.

Hi, thanks for reply.

The folder is not a normal folder but a “group folder”, so the access is defined in the “Group Folder” APP, not using the standard sharing interface setting as traditional folders.