How to prevent Disable or Remove TOTP App option from Normal Users

In my Company working around 30 People. In they Personal Settings they disable and Remove tick at TOTP app…How to prevent this option from users. They won’t enable or disable or remove this option from personal settings page.
Thanks in Advance.

It’s already handled here:

I am Not Getting Clear from

This Solution.
Can you provide here some steps or cmds…?

It has been proposed as a feature enhancement which means it is not available yet. There is no pull request or anything to test either. I’m wondering a bit as it could be a requirement for some companies. If you have a business, an enterprise subscription will give them more resources to work on your priorities. Like this, you have to wait or do it yourself. If you have a github account, you can subscribe to this topic and you stay updated on changes.

Oh…Ok Thanks tflidd…
+1 vote for this future enhancement.
If It’s possible then we can manage our own user & Data…