How to prevent deleting folders

What is the easiest way to prevent users from deleting a folder?

So I shared the folder, so that users could edit the contents of the folder. Inside the folder they can do whatever they want, add documents, delete them … but not to be able to delete the folder itself and change the name of the folder that I shared.

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I’ve seen that you can have mail to inform you in case of. Have a look to activity in settings.

I am not sure, but i think taking a look at group folders may satisfy you

this is just a notification, but it does not prevent deletion. so then it still needs to be repaired behind them

where exactly, please show me, because I can’t find

Group folders is an additiinal app

it looks promising. have you been using it for a long time? is it a stable? as far as I’ve seen, it’s not possible to edit previously created folders, only new ones. I already have a folder structure and these folders are shared with 300+ users

I am not using it extensively myselfs, but afaik it is stable and used in many enterprise environments.
And yes, you would need to move your data to a new folder structure.

then it is out of the question, because there are too many folders and consequently subfolders that are distributed among too many users and would spend too much time on it. even when I test, made a few folders, edited them, and assigned permissions, it didn’t even show them, despite being successfully created. I hope that eventually there will be some smart solution where you won’t have to work from the beginning

Yoy know that grpup folders means they are available to assigned groups?

this application is currently not reliable enough. if you test it a little, you will find out for yourself. even when NC updates, you can lose data quickly. i advise against it and will have to wait for something better and stable