How to prevent accidentally moving folders?

Hi everyone, the following happens (too) frequently in our organization:
Some user, usually accidentally, moves a folder in the nextcloud root from say “Folder A” into “Folder B”. Both folders are shared by someone else (admin) to this and many other users.
Most often this accident happens simply due to a click with the mouse + moving the mouse slightly to above or below + releasing the mouse, or doing a similar gesture on the touch screen, thus moving the folder in the folder above it.
More often that not, this goes unnoticed for days by this user.

Currently the result in Nextcloud is then: the “Folder B” gets added to “Folder A” (not sure if other users see it then). And (for sure) the user does no longer see “Folder B” in the root.
Nextcloud does not try to recreate “Folder B”. It simply sees the move, in the log somewhere there may be a MOVE forbidden response from the server, but the tray icon and status stays green in Windows Nextcloud, as if nothing is wrong.

What I would prefer is that the user would not be able to move/delete shared folders in the nextcloud root. Of course, (s)he should be freely to be able to move stuff inside the folder but not the main folders in the nextcloud root itself.

Is this possible? Does this functionality already exist?
If so, would it be worth pointing out this functionality more to existing users/admins? I presume what we are seeing at our high school must be a common situation.


I have the same problem.
Happened this week with a 360GB folder and 15 users affected by this move.

A checkbox in the sharing option should be : Forbidden to delete or moving the new subfolders row - but allow deletion of files.

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Hi, excellent question, we have the same problem, and for organizations, this seems to be a critical feature that should be implemented in a way or another. Thank you all for the amazing work.

Perhaps something for the files_accesscontrol app?

@sz4 did you find a solution for this problem in the meantime? I have the same need. I couldn’t find a solution yet, neither with Group folders app nor with files access control app. Thanks in advance for any hint!

Same problem, user move folder shared and many users affected