How to play *.avi videos directly in Nextcloud

Hi, what app has to be installed to be able to play videos directly in Nextcloud when you click them.

Now on click - the video is downloading! Not playing directly!

Is this possible, like e.g. viewing photos directly in Nextcloud?

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MP4-videos will be played out-of-the-box.

Other video-formats (like .avi) can be converted with the Video converter - App to .mp4, which can be installed in Nextcloud (Broswer) as Admin.
(FFmpeg package will be needed)

AVI files interleave audio and video data in a way that makes streaming difficult. It results in sync issues between the audio and video streams. AVI files rely on an index (a list of where each chunk of data is located) that needs to be read before playback.
In other words: AVI was not designed with streaming in mind. Unlike modern formats like MP4 or WebM, AVI files do not have built-in support for progressive download or adaptive streaming. This means that the entire file needs to be downloaded before playback can start.

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