How to play a movie in Nextcloud?

It’s easy to find a music player there in apps. But how about a videoplayer that allows me to play a movie right on nextcloud? Cause now when I press button play the movie downloads itsefl.

The problem is there is a video player integrated but no music player.
That makes no sense. Hallo Nextcloud GmbH. Please include music player per default or delete the video player. Thanks.

All errors the same with Nextcloud 18 (Tab.Digital) and Nextcloud 19 (private Nextcloud).

movie folder:



music folder:


Music works only with public direct share and not in nextcloud (user-gui) or nextcloud public folder share. With the direct share there is additional a preview error (no image).

test music:

Perhaps someone can write an issue.

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Just trying to watch a movie and there’s no sound. How to fix it?

No sound problems here. Perhaps you post a link to a shared video.

Can you hear the sound in my example?

Ok. A feature request from me. Perhaps something changes:

Yes I can hear an audio from your video file. But can’t heard mine. I tried a lot of browsers and then I gave a link with the movie to my friends and they confirmed that there’s no audio in the movie. they coudn’t heard it. I reloaded the movie on the server again but the problem haven’t been solved with this step.

I got a nextcloud.conf file from this tutorial:

And use this tutorial from the scratch. Maybe I need to add some lines to .conf to enable the sound in .mkv files?


Btw, Mozilla Firefox doesn’t even want to play my movies :confused: but Chromium and Chrome both played the movies I uploaded

I use the same installation but not ngix but apache2. I think the problem is the firefox and the file format of the video. I can play some mpv-files with sound and others not. But this is not only a nextcloud problem. It is a problem on other websites, too.

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You need to transcode the movie to h.264 with AAC sound and the MOOV flag to the beginning of the file for streaming it.

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