How to place Nginx reverse proxy in front of NextcloudPi?

Hi -
I have a working NextcloudPi Docker (rock64) installation. Now I want to put a nginx reverse proxy in front of it. Is this possible and what steps are necessary? How complicated is it? I am still not familiar with docker.
Thanks in advance!

I wanted to do that too. I think it’s also documented in the official nextcloud docs.

Somehow I ended up using Varnish. I was too lazy to document it. But it was pretty easy. Like setting apache to port 8080 and varnish to 80, which forwards it to apache.
There was, or is an issue with ssl though. I’m not sure, but I think you will not have that problem with nginx as a reverse proxy.

How come you used NCP with docker? (I’m a total noob to docker).

The community here is pretty limited. I hope there will be somebody who can answer your question. You might want to check out the nextcloud documentation and use google to search for nginx reverse proxy apache or something.

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I myself just started to play with docker and hope I can help, I just build such a setup for myself.
You can find all the files I used here. I hope they help.
But I found one problem nextcloud doesn’t know the hostname so all link generated refer to the server nextcloud.
I don’t know yet how to fix this.

I added the proxy_set_header Host $host line to the nginx proxy config.

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