How to organize my nextcloud in a group

Hello Nextcloud community.
I am trying to increase my efficiency in a group.
We have so many folders with a structure that is many levels deep and it is hard to find the things i use the most.

So I made my own folders and was at first copying folders into this personal structure. I imagined these folders were just links so that the original folders in the group would stay up to date.

Now I realize that the original folder is still empty and while I can find things easy the rest of the organization can not find my files in the larger folder structure.

Is there a way to copy links to folders instead of the actual folder so that I can have the best of both worlds: a relativity shallow personal structure that is still integrated with the deeper organizational folder structure.

I see favorites can do this but then I just have a flat, long list of unorganized folders?
Is there a way to add organization to my favorites?

Thanks in advance for your advice,
Trying to streamline my mind here :wink:
Kind regards

It’s a good idea with virtual files or folders. How about tags and search?

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Please consult the documentation:

Stick to the more known Un*x flavours. Naturally, you can choose Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, ArchLinux and probably NextCloudPi or other flavours besides Debian Linux. Also available are some other OS …

Happy hacking.

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