How-to Organize a Club on Nextcloud?

I maintain a Nextcloud for a Club since Owncloud times. I Updated to every Nextcloud release. But now there is time for reorganize the whole internal File and access-right Structure.
I request for best-practice / concept how to organizes the cloud.
In a next meeting I plan to start the internal Data reorganizing


  • Shared PHP-only Hoster with E-Mail addresses.
  • A long Club-History with Text and photos
  • Daily Work data, Meetings, Events, Meeting Protocol, Bookkeeping, etc.
  • club members are seniors which only work with E-Mail, or people which only work with phone. Nextcloud-Desktop is used only by a few members.


  • How to organize Club history and daily-use data? Separate User / Something with circles / local shared directory?
  • In which case is the Group folder app needed?
  • Best practice I could follow?

Definitely use group folder app. (If a user A just shares a folder, user B creates a file in that folder and you delete user B later, all the files user B created there will be gone too. This will not happen if you use group folders).
Every user should have their own account. Of course you could also use only one generic account (“member”) and give everyone the password, but that’s not recommended.

Maybe have group folders for:

  1. Club-History with Text and photos
  2. Organizational (Meeting Protocols, …)
  3. Bookkeeping

Recommendation would be to use the web frontend. People who know what they are doing and really need it can also use the desktop sync.

On a phone, the situation is tricky. Web frontend works quite well in a browser, but not supersmooth, so it could lead to confusion. Nextcloud app can not show calendars and many other things that the web frontend can show. But Nextcloud app would be good for fotos maybe.