How to optimize nextcloud for low resource equipment?

Hi, running nextcloud as a VM and backing up iphone video/photos only.
I’m not using the management of nextcloud more than to check that uploads are working fine.
Running on HDD at the moment, sometimes it’s really slow so I’m thinking… is it possible to turn off all features that I don’t use? Will that help on my weak server cpu/ram/hdd?

I think it is not a really good idea to deactiavate unused apps because they mostly used on use.
I think you can better search nextcloud tuning e.g.
Server tuning — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Sorry for the late reply!
I’m running nextcloud as a vmware vm on my server. Nextcloud is downloaded from hansson it. Is this something I should worry about?

If you run your database inside a VM, you should not store it inside a VM image file. Better put it on a dedicated block device to reduce latency due to multiple abstraction layers.

I’ve created a partition on my 8tb hdd dedicated to nextcloud vm, I’ve not done any adjustments to the imported vm what so ever.