How to optimaze Nextcloud for my server


I installed Nextcloud on my server. It seems to run fine, however the ram usage is only about 4 GB while my server has 64 GB of ram. Is there a way to optimize Nextcloud to make use of more ram, so it becomes faster?


Is it running slow?

Nextcloud itself isn’t really that resource hungry. Just like any good application, it will scale up along with the load.

Number of users, simultaneous user load, installed applications of nextcloud are few factors that will drive up the load.

Matter of fact, one should be looking to reduce RAM consumption as that is actually the goal of optimization.


Tuning PHP applications like Nextcloud is not that simple as just throwing RAM at it. There are many more factors that will affect the performance of Nextcloud. Unfortunately, you did not provide any information on how you have set up and configured your Nextcloud. However, in the “Server Tuning” section of the official docs you can find an overview of things you can do in order to improve performance…

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