How to open, view and edit spreadsheets and docx files on Android?

I have been searching on and off for days for an answer to this, but all the advice seems to be outdated. I am using the Android Nextcloud App v3.11.0 and connecting to my Nextcloud server on Hostiso.

When I try to open or view a .xlsx or .docx file, it throw the error:
“This file isn’t available offline. Make file ‘available offline’ in the file’s options menu.”

First off, that option doesn’t exist as a menu item. It looks like maybe “sync” is trying to store a local copy. I see a green check mark next to files I tag with “sync.” I can not find these files anywhere on my phone. I checked the storage location indicated in the settings, but nothing at all appears there, not even the directories deeper than “/storage/emulated/…”

I’m not attached to using Google Docs or Excel to view and edit these files. I could use something else. But I am at a total loss as to how to fix this.

How do I work around this problem or fix it? I only started working with this a month or two ago. I think I used to be able to view spreadsheets a few weeks ago. Is it an issue with the Android 10 update?

files are stored in location for android 9. /storage/emulated/0/Android/media/com.nextcloud.client/nextcloud/*LoginName/*FilesAreHere

not sure about android 10 but think it’s the same.

having a green check means it is stored locally so it should be available offline. Use Download to get a local copy and use sync if any changes were made locally or on the remote side.

hope this helps in any way

I think you need to have collabora office online with your nextcloud server instance. I have it and I can open and edit every spreadsheet and doc formats directly from my Android Nextcloud app.

Or you can install Collabora office android app. You choose to open a doc and it will open one of your files managers. And from your files manager (depends on which one) you can connect to your nextcloud directly and open your file.

Do you setup the OnlyOffice document server on youre NextCloud installation:

Thank you. That file location is helpful. The main problem seems to be many people saying to use “Download” to get a local copy. I have seen those instruction elsewhere too. That is not a menu option anywhere on the android app.

I can see a “Download” menu option when I log into my Nextcloud server via a web browser on my phone, but not on the android app itself. It appears there is only “Sync” available in the android app, which maybe also downloads a local copy? I don’t know if that changed from previous versions. I am still a little new.

I ended up solving my problem by installing Collabra to handle the Microsoft file formats: .xlsx and .docx. Collabra seems to be able to handle receiving the file from Nextcloud.

This was the solution. Thank you!

Once I installed Collabra on my phone, it was able to pass the files I open from the Nextcloud app over to Collabra to view and edit. It appears that Google Docs doesn’t accept that kind of file hand off.

I have a default setup from Hostiso, so I they handled the installation and setup.

But yes, OnlyOffice seems to be installed on my server. I see that logo when I open files from a browser. I ended up solving this particular problem by installing Collabra on my phone.

I use the android app WPS Office . go into options: Files Manage => Cloud => Add WebDav/FTP . Add your Nextcloud webdav connect settings.
It’s working great for me.