How to open DOCX and XLSX files in Nextcloud for view?

I installed Nextcloud 16 on FreeBSD. It works is fine.
But i would like that all docx and xlsx files opening only in review mode (without edit).
I installed OnlyOffice and integrate it with Nextcloud, but Document Server opens all files in editing mode.
How does it repair?
Can you help me?

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You can’t have a view mode for a file where you have the read/write permission.

The view mode works when you share a file with the permission : Read Only. The file will be opened by the other person with OnlyOffice in View Mode.

For the moment there isn’t an Nextcloud app that is just viewing Office files.

I’m very sad. Is there really no other option?
Maybe could i set option for enabling a quastion about saving all changes before close doc?