How to onboard new users to Nextcloud?

What is the best way to introduce new users to Nextcloud and help them become familiar with the functionality?

Is there a curriculum or something like that which people can follow?

Perhaps there are some suggested applications which are recommended to start with in the beginning.

What have been the main pitfalls people have found when trying to train a team new to NextCloud?

What type of org is this for (business, university, etc)?

I’ve begun drafting notes on an onboarding guide for small business.

Like an NGO, and thanks for asking.

I expect that one important part of the onboarding would be something like pre-onboarding, where the, at this stage still potential, users will want to know why to leave many of their current ways behind and migrate to NextCloud.

I think looking at the onboarding from the perspective of the Users would be quite illuminating.

The “Why” behind Nextcloud is getting ever better presented with each blog post. But it’s different for each type of org, and a bit different still for each individual org since culture, workflow, priorities, etc will differ.

One thing I’ve found resonates with SMBs is awareness of what Harvard Business Review calls the Toggle Tax, the hidden cost of maintain multiple task-specific apps, often with different logins, each with their own UI conventions, etc.:

I think the key to what you and I are respectively working on will be continual revision. Like any internal content strategy, over time we’ll learn what works, what doesn’t, and I expect mine to be very much a rolling release.

One more great think about NC is that it has Pico and Collections apps available, so we can pick at least two great ways to maintain the material easily, and without leaving the NC environment.