How to move the searching bar to center of screen when you log in?

Good day you guys,

I’m new to utilizing Nextcloud for studying. Could you please tell me how to relocate the search bar to the middle of the screen when you login to a web browser? Just like bellow photo :


Please contact me via this topic or Nextcloud inbox.

I have no idea. But you would have to change some code. Maybe this is possible with the Custom CSS App. But it is probably easier to just press CTRL+F and start typing… :wink:

And why are you posting your WhatsApp number here? Are you phishing for phone numbers?

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Thank you for your warm words of encouragement. This is my first post on this forum. I was edited and had my WhatsApp number removed as well.

Hello, Brother. I attempted to install a custom CSS app, but it did not appear in the navigation bar.

You can create own simple page, just call API from it. You can even search in all applications, or only needed to you.


Can you more instruction for this.

Good day to all you guys, Please suggest me some way to make it. Or i will paid for this issue

Oh, you would like to use dashboard, than you can suggest this change in a ticket Issues · nextcloud/server · GitHub

Thank you bro, I already make the ticket.

I try to make the ticket But no one reply yet.

Dear you guys,

Please give me some tips