How to move instance to new VPS (currently using object storage for primary storage)

I’m currently running version 18.0.7 and I’m using object storage as primary storage.

If I’m planning to move installation to different provider / VPS. How do I manage this without losing data?

Also (just piggy backing on this thread):
Is there way to change object storage bucket (again without losing existing data)?

With ‘object storage’ you mean something similar to Ceph?
If so, i personally would extract the VM to local storage or storage on a normal filesystem, either as backup or as .qcow2 or .raw. If you have any other opportunity to make a backup in some form, that’s also cool. Then import the backed up VM into the new System on your new provider.
If thats not possible in that form, make a tarball of the nextcloud directory, save the configs of the webserver and make a database dump. With that, you can easily restore the same instance and continue working.

I hope, that helps a bit.

if you do a backup/restore of “config.php & database dump” and shutdown the first nextcloud before starting the second you should be able to continue using your object storage backend.


if the name of the bucket is only stored in the it should be easy. if it’s stored in the database with each object it’s a bit of “SQL UPDATE WHERE BLABLA”.

if you have a cloud provider account and want to test:
you can setup a nextcloud server in 10 min. with object storage backend and use the adminer container to search the database for possible bucket name entries.

Yes Object storage is similar to Ceph.
I definitely have access to VM and everything is working correctly, I’m mostly thinking of moving provider. I’m assuming backing up as raw means entire disk is backed up?
This may not work well with OS setup so I’ll check on config and database dump.

Thanks let me at least start with backing up config and database.
I’ll check on next steps once I have backup
And yes name of bucket is in config.php as follows
array (
‘bucket’ => ‘xyz’,
‘autocreate’ => false,