How to move exisiting Nextcloud instance to new server

Dear all.

I do have working nextcloud instance. But I would like to move it to new server.
I’m using currently database hosted on NAS (QNAP), and data directory on the same NAS using iscsi.
Now I think, I want to migrate Database from Nas to local mariadb, which I think should be faster (correct me please, if I’m wrong).
So far I have no idea if I can simply export, import database ?
Or how to make this migration painless.

and don’t forget to turn on maintenance mode before and off after. and modify the config.php to point to the new database.

Thanks, really stupid question – if I am able to retrieve the hard disk and use it to boot with new hardware, what do I need to look out for ?

I would hope that just booting from new motherboard/cpu/etc with the same boot drive would work but it just did not – I am little unsure why, any pointers were to look

first of all look at “the error message”.
where does the boot fail with what kind of error?

Hi Reiner, danke für die Antwort!

(back to English to make it more useful for all)

that was really imprecise, my apologies :slight_smile:

here a better description of what is happening.

we have moved and I am considering retiring the separate server and just running keep the HTPC I have running and port my nextcloud to that

when I plug the 18.04 SSD that holds the nextcloud system into the HTPC it all boots fine, I should have said that, apolgies.

so I can get the computer up to where i expect it with command prompt live on an ubuntu 18.04 instance and an installed Nextcloud 15.05

When I tried to acces the NC15 I ended up with permission denied apache error 403 whenever I tried accessing the nextcloud instance – I found this quite confusing and I am not sure which logs I should check as I could not see anything immediately

ok. there should be an entry in the apache log. i guess in /var/log/apache2/

thanks @Reiner_Nippes

Just for reference the thing I had not thought about was my router, despite ensuring forwarding etc all was right I actually needed to turn DHCP on / off and force the right IP going to new motherboard…