How to move data directory to shared folder of VMware appliance


I would like to change the data directory path to a shared folder of VMware appliance, please describe the methods and suggest me the best solutions.

Thanks indeed in advance.

One way is the APP external Storage, but what OS does the Host have? Windows? In that Case you have to use CIFS inside the App.


Thank you for your reply. I m using VM appliance on Windows server. Would you mind please describe me by methods? Currently, the data directory location is /var/ncdata

Thank you.

Sorry, but I don’t understand your reason to do that. But first, this seems impossible because there are several Programs who are pointing to that folder.
Read this.

But if you are low on space, you can expand the virtual Drive using Windows Server Tools (and a couple of commands at Linux), or you can add the Drives of the Host by using the APP external Drives.

This is another way, to have more space i.e. syncing Data