How to modify the list view behavior in the calendar app

I would like to ask if anyone could point me into the right direction regarding modifying the code of the calendar app to display more than one month in the list view. I tried a few things and was able to modify some behavior but not the one that I was looking for.

Thank you for any hints.

The app uses the full calendar npm package. According to the documentation you can also create a list for the current year or of the box. Would that help you?

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Thank you, that helped a lot. I replaced all listMonth by listYear in the code (I am not a developer, so I am going the “brute force” way) . Now the “List” view selection displays all the events for a year.

Unpleasant side effect is that when sharing the calendar with the ebedding code the events are not displayed under any view anymore. Not sure where to solve that yet, I am thankful for any further hints.

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To add the yearly list to the embedded view would be:

A quick and untested variant would be to clone the lines declaring isListMonthViewSelected and make them listYear. Then, you can also clone the corresponding button, fix the class definition and the call to view. Updating the title of the button might be beneficial.

For the internal views, you will most probably have to modify this file.

If there is something not working, you might want to make sure the network traffic looks good. I expect that there are some requests returning 4xx or even 5xx HTML error codes. The, one could have a look at these errors in detail.

Thank you again!!!
The current main branch seems to be unstable with regards to the embedded views.
I successfully created the list view for a year with the stable4.6 branch!

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