How to modify /index.php/settings/user settings

i would like to modify this page so the user can only enter certain items

Thank you


You can find some configurations here.

I know that, But where do i find this particular page?

Thank you

You can only modify some settings and that belongs to your page. If you want to change the page yourself, you have to program or at least try to hide elements via CSS, for example.

Write what you really want to block.

You can use the custom CSS app to hide, change visual and potentially change everything you like.

Use with caution though.

are you available to help?
I would appriciate it very much

Thank you, but i would need help with it, i have no knowledge of CSS


I cannot help you there. But use the developer tool of your browser to find the desired elements and try the “custom css” live in the actual page through the developer tool itself.

You could also name the fields that you want to have hidden. I can’t help you with that either, but maybe someone can give you a hand.

Also bear in mind that CSS is processed on the client side in the browser. This is not a real “security function”. That should be clear to you and your company.

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Yup! Hiding stuff with CSS does not prevent scrapers or bots to manipulate content of fields.


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