How to migrate to nextcloud aio?

Hey everyone,
this sounds like a fast catch for everyone in this forum. “Yet another user unable to read the documentation…”
Yeah, proof me that and I will be thankful! :smiley:

So, what is my problem? In short: I don’t know how to safely migrate from old container image to the new and recommended all in one container image.
In detail:

Make sure that your old instance is on exactly the same version like the version used in Nextcloud AIO. (e.g. 23.0.0) You can find the used version here: Repository search results · GitHub . If not, simply upgrade your former installation to that version or wait until the version used in Nextcloud AIO got updated to the same version of your former installation or the other way around.

So, the link is dead…
Well… Now: How do I make sure, that the used image (with date number tag) represents my specific nextcloud version number? I’m currently running, but how do I know if image" 20240124_105749-latest" is this version (or any close?).

  • So I tried otherwise looking at the available releases MarkDown file: github. com/nextcloud/all-in-one/releases . Surprisingly, it is still one major version behind - or am I reading it wrong?

So, tl;dr:

  1. How do AIO image tags compare to nextcloud version numbers?
  2. If this assumption is correct and there is a version number connection: Why is the AIO variant one major version behind the outdated unrecommended “nextcloud manual image”?

Cheers, dXm