How to migrate Nextcloud 25 or export datas

Hello everyone,

I recently upgraded my Nextcloud instance to 25 from 22, but I did it a little bit too fast actually.
Everything was fine until Nextcloud 25, i checked the prerequisites but didn’t take the time to check if my Raspbian Buster 32 bits was still compatible… :roll_eyes:

My instance is working pretty well (love this new version) except for the files part, which is one of the most important.
You already know the upgrading a kernel from 32bits to 64bits is pretty dangerous and same-all with an upgrade of Buster 32bits to Bullseyes 64bits. (Except if one of you knows some magical steps ?)

Here I’m stuck.

My guess is to order another sd card, install Raspbian Bullseyes 64bits on it and :

  • Migrate my whole instance to this new sd card
  • Export my settings and data (tasks, notes, external storages…), i can let go the account part to be honest

But I only got one RPI4 at that time and will not be able to have 2 RPI running at the same time for the potential migration.

I need your wisdom and, maybe, past same experience to be able to choose the best way to make it through.
Can you help me with that ?

Thank you all and have a nice day :wave:

Nextcloud version : 25.0.1
Operating system and version : Raspbian Buster 10.13 32bits
Apache version : 2.4.38
PHP version : 7.4.33


Please fill out the included support post template. Without info about your particular setup, it’s not possible to give proper guidance.

Hi there!

What’s missing? I put the details mentioned in the support template at the bottom of my message actually.

Have a nice day