How to migrate my NCP from one machine to another

I have NCP on Docker on a machine that needs to retire.
I have a Raspberry Pi 4B that will be the host for my next NCP.
What is the best way to migrate the Data from the retiring machine to the RPi?

I would use rsync to copy ncdata from old to new drive,then start a fresh containter using the the new data folder location using the -v option.

Hi @OliverV
Thank you for your help.
To verify
While I am inside the docker ncp instance on the retiring machine, use rsync to copy the ncdata folder directly to the RPi ?
On my RPi does it matter if I use NCP docker or NCP RPi image(I think I preffer using the RPi image)

Could you please share what is the rsync command I should use?

Many thanks

I’d use

rsync -avh --progress /source/dir/ncdata /destination/dir/ncdata.

But it will not work from within the container, you have to run it as root or use sudo from the system terminal. Did you use the -v option to mount ncdata to a folder? If so that is where data will be stored. If not, depending systems in one of dockers subdirectories.

If you are migrating from a docker to an image installation, it will not be as simple as that.
In that case you will have to edit config.php manually to adjust PATH to ncdata , tmp & db directories. And run nc-scan to update database.
How many users, how much data do you have?

NCP’s nc-backup and nc-restore are available in docker. I’d start by making backups.


Please read documentation to backup and restore. Yes it is docker and it differs, but perhaps it helps you.

ok thank you
its only one user with not such a big files folder.
I located it in var/www/nextcloud/data/user-name/files
so I archived the files folder with tar -czf.
I suppose I can copy that and then unzip it in the new system??
it will probably be the easiest for someone like me with not much know how.

Thank you @devnull
I will read the docs
But I suspect I will take the crude method of archiving the files folder from the docker instance
move it to it host OS
copy it to an external HD
create a new RPi with NCP image
and I am not sure how but I will copy the fils from the HD to the new files folder in the new NCP instance.
Simple and crude but I that’t what I know how to do…:slight_smile:

It is only important that you learn something.

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Thanks for this. You are right.

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