How to manage what files and directories get added to new user accounts when Nextcloud creates them

hi, i would like to know how to control what content gets placed in a new user’s account on account creation. At the moment it is the Nextcloud manual and various files and directories. But I want to have my own docs/content instead. Can anyone advise me of how to do that? I’ve been Googling and found nothing… Thanks in advance for any help.

Nextcloud version _12 :
Operating system and version Ubuntu 16.04:

Solved. It’s documented here:

Basically, the default content is in /core/skeleton

In config.php add
’skeletondirectory’ => ‘/path/to/content/’,

By default it points to core/skeleton. You can change that directory directly, but then nextcloud will yell at you when you try to upgrade.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for that tip. :slight_smile: