How to make location private

I love the app but how can I make it so only nextcloud users can see my location. I am uncomfortable that the public link is accessable to anyone. I can’t find a way to shut off the link. That being said I am a new user so I am probably missing something.


The “public watch link” will only work if the session is public. So if you want to shut it off, just make the session private in the “sharing” area.

The public link is not accessible to anyone, it will work with anyone but first, people need to know it.
There is no reason someone guesses the link because it contains a long session id (something like bb748ecc2a3b656996c9b8172918b875). My personal logs (that I don’t want to share) are contained by a public session, I just didn’t give the public link to anyone.

If you want to get more control over who sees what, you can generate as many “public filtered link” as you want and give them to people. Once you delete a “public filtered share link”, it just does not work anymore.

When you share a session to another Nextcloud user, he/she’s the only one to be able to see the session content.

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Ok, thanks for the help. No more google maps sharing for me :grinning:

My pleasure!