How to Link Files at S3 with Their Original Path

I have a NextCloud (version server installed and running at a Linux server, and its configured to have Amazon S3 bucket as the primary storage and if I sync files at local folder its uploaded to the S3 bucket, but the problem is that the files appears as urn:oid:1158

i already have an app that contains web hooks that listens to files activities and log them, plus the app sends these events to another URL using http request, the problem is that the files that are saved in the S3 bucket are in the for of urn:oid:1158, so is there anyway or API in the NextCloud to connect each file in the S3 with the its original path? or if i have a path to a file that is synced, how to link it to the files in S3 bucket? Keep in mind i have multiple users, so beside the path, its required to know the user too

in a nutshell a synced file, how to know which file is it at the S3 bucket ?