How to know which database Nextcloud is using?

Hi , Could anyone tell me how to know which database Nextcloud is using ? thanks ~~

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Hi, you can have a look at the admin settings in the web gui under “Monitoring” and get the DB type (MySQL, mariadb, …) and version at least.
Or you can have a look at the config.php in the config folder of Nextcloud.
There you can see specific DB settings like port, user and so on to get a better understanding which instance is used if you run multiple DBs on your system or in your network.

Так в файле {NCdir}/config/config.php должно быть, не?
grep “'db” config.php

Hi , Schmu,Thanks for your answer, I got the db type from config.php,but I can’t find "the admin settings in the web gui under Basic Settings and get the DB type (MySQL, mariadb, …) and version at least.".…how can I find it ?

thank to Flyer ,too…


No problem :slight_smile: Log in to your server with an admin account. Click your avatar in the top right corner and click Settings.
Then look out for “Monitoring” in the navigation pane on the left and click that.
Scroll down a little to find PHP and DB information.

Hello , I am using NC15 , no php and db information display while clicking basic setting .

Oh dear, that’s what happens when one posts information without the chance to verify them. Sorry!!
I just got up now and logged in to my server. The correct navigation point is “Monitoring” and not “Basic Settings”. My mistake, sorry. I correct my text above, to avoid further confusion.

Hi Schmu , you are too polite ~~

my system shows -->
type : mysql
version : 5.5.60
size : 2.6MB

Does it mean Nextcloud is using MariaDB ? ( OS version : CentOS 7.5 1804 )

You are right, you actually cannot really differentiate between mariaDB and mysql, exept you know the version numbers.
You are actually using mysql:

I use mariaDB and it just reads:

Type: mysql
Version: 10.1.37

Hello Schmu, so , I am not using MariaDB ?

As far as I can tell, not. Looks like you’re using MySQL.

but when I use command “mysql -V” , it shows :

mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 5.5.60-MariaDB , for Linux . (x86_64) . using readline 5.1 .

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Damn, I should have stayed in bed :smiley:
With my version number that high and your version number showing me MySQL documentation as top result in the search engine, I was really assuming there is no mariadb with that version. Obviously wrong. Again, sorry.

Hello Schmu , you are welcome , you really helped me very much …

What my key point is : I want to use MariaDB as my Nextcloud DB . but I am not sure if my Nextcloud system is using MariaDB …

Finally , I upgrade MariaDB from 5.5.6 to 10.3.11.

I came across this post years later and found the answer out of date.

As of February 2023, the solution is to click on your profile name (top-right corner) → “Personal settings” → [scroll down the left menu to “System”] → then scroll nearly to the bottom and you will see php and database info.