How to know where my public links are embeded/hotlink?

I want to know where my public links are embedded in websites/domains, is there any way to track Public share links?

I am using NC for my website as a file manager to manage downloadable files. but some people are hotlinking my public share links to their websites I want to stop that links to be downloaded from my websites

Any NC freelancer to develop an NC App to expire the link after a few hours and integrate with my WordPress website to update the new link.

I saw a website that uses NC as a file manager and the URL Pattern is bellow

anyone can help me?

Thanks in Advance

OK. I try to understand:

You do not want, that Links published on your website are to be connected, bypassing your website. Is that right?

Because Links are addresses, you do not have to “download” them, as soon as one has your website in his browser, the link is too.

What you could do, is to restrict access to those links to calls with your WordPress website as referrer and redirect other calls (with wrong or without your WP as referrer) to the associated WP website. So people clicking on your sharelink from other sites as your WP will first see your WP page and can then click the link from there to get the content of your nextcloud link.

Without wanting to lean too far out of the window, I would say that it must be possible without much effort with the (mostly already enabled) apache2 modules rewrite, proxy and proxy_http with some .htaccess rules and a cgi script and a csv file containing the share-tokens with the corresponding redirect urls.

But as I said, I’d have to try it out first, because so far I’ve only imagined it as feasible in my head.

Maybe someone who is familiar with it will write it as a solution or maybe even as an app. I like the idea, but I can’t promise anything!

I am not a technical person and want my nextcloud links to be downloaded from my website only which uses WordPress cms. if someone else embeds my nextcloud link in their website and the visitor tries to download it from another website it should return 404 or redirect to my website.

i am using cloudpanel with Nginx web server.

my English is not good.