How to invite user to create an account

I know that in the admin panel I can create a new user account with a login and password and optionally an email address. I’m wondering, though, if there’s a way to ‘invite’ new users, by letting Nextcloud send them an email invite with a personal URL. That way they can pick their own username and password, hopefully increasing the chance they’ll remember.

If something like that doesn’t exist, I guess I can just open a request on Nextcloud’s GitHub issue tracker?


You can use the User Registration app which makes it possible that user can create their own account:

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Ah, thanks. Seems to me like something that should be integrated in the default installation. What d’you think?

Since it is available as an app it is not really a problem. I also think if you want to keep it managed you don’t want this feature enabled at default at least. It could be integrated but don’t think the developers are focusing on it now.

It is slightly different than the feature you are requesting since it opens it up for anybody to register. The feature you described is a bit more manageable in that only invited people can register, which could be a good feature to add (as default build-in). You can create an issue and see how the dev team thinks about it.

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Yeah, I see it now I’ve installed. That’s absolutely not what I intended :stuck_out_tongue: Apparently it also doensn’t comply with the global password policy :confused:
Will use it for now to invite my friends and do a request to Nextcloud devs in the meantime.


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A Nextcloud dev rejected this concept as being part of core, so I’ve created a request in the right forum section:

In case someone sees this: it is possible now. Just follow the instructions on how to create a new user. Remember to leave the password blank. If your instance of Nextcloud is able to send e-mail the new user will get an invitation and be able to choose a password.


it looks like, this solution is no longer working in NC14, is it? I cannot create an account without password, there is no option so check “invite user”