How to integrate Nextcloud within Bluehost account

Hello all, just found Nextcloud and love the concept, it seems to be what I need, but haven’t done much with tech like this in a long time. I have a website hosted at Bluehost and was wondering if I could use that instead of building my own server or buying one of the pre-fabs. If so, how can I integrate Nextcloud with Bluehost? I have a small business and just want a place to store files, access and edit files remotely and collaborate on files remotely with my Operations Manager. I appreciate any help.


I think it is not a problem to install Nextcloud on bluehost. The problem is that you cant install a collabora Server on a shared hosting.

The easiest way is to find a fully managed Nextcloud Hoster with Collabora Online or Onlyoffice.

*** Note

Many Webhoster dont allow to install a storage software on the shared hosting plans. Inform yourself before the hoster blocking you account or deleting your webspace.

Thanks so much for the information. I guess I have to build my own or buy a prebuilt server through Nextcloud. I appreciate it.

if you want to build your own. without all the typing . run this playbook on a vps server.

you find the setup descripted here.
more or less I skripted carstens config.

Thank you for the install guide. This is way beyond me. The last time I dealt with building a computer was about 20 years ago. Is there anything that involves me just buying hardware and using some sort of install wizard that would do the install for me?

you shouldn’t follow the installtion guide. you should follow my read me. it’s three commands on the command line. then you end up with the same setup like in the installtion guide. i think the nextcloud-raspi is what you look for.

Thank you! Only from what I have been reading raspi is slow compared to other boards. Was looking at the Odroid xu4. Just would like a faster board, but with plug n play type setup, if possible.

Sorry, just read I can use the Nextcloudpi on odroid xu4.