How to integrate a Web terminal to Nextcloud

I have a Nextcloud serveur (25.0.8) behind a Reverse Proxy and accessible through a VPN. NGINX on Debian is the reverse proxy hosted by IONOS.
My need is to use “external site” app to provide a Web terminal which enable me to connect to other linux hosts through the VPN on the same network that the Nextcloud server or hosts in the Internet.

I want a securerized solution. Do you have any experience, recommandation or solution to share with me?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi @Raph_quiroule

First of all, I doubt that that any web based solution will be as secure as plain SSH with SSH keys. But I guess you could use someting like Apache Guacamole or Cockpit to achieve what you want. However, it is beyoned the scope of this forum on how to set these up.

Also, the benefit of adding such an external service as an External Site to your Nextcloud would be minimal, because these services would still need to be accessible separately, since the External Sites
app can only embed another site as an iframe. It cannot proxy any requests to the these external sites.

Solid answer from @bb77. Good luck with it, but accessing your other hosts through VPN and third party apps is not Nextcloud related. We wish you the best with it and external sites will work well to let you integrate accessing whatever other services you decide to run. Cool that you understand what Nextcloud will, and will not, do in this case.

Thanks, closing this. :heart: