How to install with non standard database port (MariaDB)

Hallo Community!

I try to install nextcloud at a machine with nginx, mariadb 10 and database socket at port 3307.

During the installation of a test system I had specified localhost:3307 and the correct user and database name, however the system does not connect to the database: Failing to connect to the Database. An exception occurred in driver: SQLSTATE[HY000][ 1049] unḱnown Database ‘name’

It works fine with port 3306 and only localhost with mariadb 5…

Another system running at the same hardware with mariadb 5 connects to port 3306 flawless.

Does anybody has a hint where to start searching or the correct syntax for the port entry? Thank you!

Is it really listening at this port or do you use sockets? Not sure if this is up to date, but at some time you could specify the socket like localhost:/path/to/mysql.socket.

The system shows in the management console /run/mysqld/mysqld10.sock … I give it a try tomorrow. Many thanks so far!