How to install QOwnNotesAPI?

I’m trying to install QOwnNotesAPI from App Store on my Nextcloud client 2.5.1final, mac os Sierra. I’m trying to follow the instructions but I can’t see admin in my nextcloud. I’ve read a lot in two days but nothing found. How can I do ? thanks

As far as I understood QOwnNotesAPI is a Nextcloud server app which allows the QOwnNotes app to use Nextcloud as a backend. It will not be installed on the clients. See the QOwnNotes installation notes for more details.

Thank you for your quick reply. That make sense, but I wonder anyway why I have “Notes” folder in my nextcloud ?

The folders has most likely been created because you’ve got a/the Notes app installed?!

Yes, like I said there is a folder named “Notes”. I ended by getting working synchronization between QOwnNotes on my mac with Notes on nextcloud but still have errors messages about missing QOwnNotesAPI and : "CalDAV : Node with name ’ ’ could not be found. I don’t understand why !

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