How to install Nextcloud on an existing webserver

Hello NextCloud Community,

I’m starting to get more cautious with my data and decided to host my own cloud.

I bought a webhosting package a few years ago, which is currently running a wordpress blog that I never use.

The webhosting package includes a domain, 10GB storage, PHP5 for Scripts (It seems I can change it to anything up to 7.1) and one MySQL Database. I’m willing to delete my unused Wordpress page and install NextCloud instead.

But where to start? Since one week I spend my spare time googling on how to set up NextCloud on my server, but I did not find any comprehensible start.

If you could help me with setting up my own server, that would be awesome!

With kind regards

Well, the install docs are quite straightforward about it on a VPS, so I guess what we need to know is:

  • Who you host with
  • If you have (s)FTP access
  • What isn’t working currently

Hey Jason,

I’m hosting with serverways. If you mean the Nextcloud 12 Server Administration Manual, that one didn’t help me.

I downloaded filezilla and logged in with the credentials provided by serverways. I seem to be able to see the files in the root folder. I copied the setup-nextcloud.php into the /data folder (copying it to root / gave me an error message). I right clicked in Filezilla and pressed “copy url”. I tried to put this url in my browser, but only got a white site.

EDIT: I copied the file now to /html/www.[mywebsite].de . I tried changing the files permissions to run:everyone. When I copy the url now, I get asked my ftp credentials again and I see the content of the script in text form. I don’t think it runs though

I tried my very best to follow the instructions. I tried to read myself into the basics, but I don’t even know where to start, or what is actually relevant to me.

EDIT2: I got it to run! I didn’t have to open the ftp url, but the website url. Now lets see if everything else works out

I am curious, how has it worked out for you? I am in a similar situation to you and I am curious how it ended up. Does it work fine?

EDIT: I just located the “web install” option on the site:
[ ].