How to install nextcloud home server for a noob

is there a easy way to install nextcloud on a home server

like just install nextcloud and run it

no install of databases or changing configs

i cant seem to find a good guide on the internet for this

Hi @zederkof

The Snap package is probably the the closest thing to that.


Official sites:


There are also NextcloudPi, the Nextcloud VM, Nextcloud All-in-One and other solutions.

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thanks, my issue has been fixed.

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Although Nextcloud Pi and especially the VM are a bit more complex to manage imho. But yes, I could have mentioned Nextcloud AIO, I will remember it for the future… :slight_smile:


Instead of using a database like MariaDB you can use SQLite (file on the server). Simply select during installation That is not really a good idea because of performance and parallel users, but you can use it e.g. on a test installation. But subsequently making a change to e.g. Mariadb is difficult. It is more for testing or one person installations.

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yes thank you i just tried the snap package version that on is fairly easy

so i could make it work

thank you for responding

Has a good installation guide.

I would say installing nextcloud is pretty easy if:

  • 101 linux commands are not unfamilliars for you.
  • you are able to cut and paste simple linux commands.

Now, Managing your distro (apache vs nginx, mariadb vs sqxxx ) is another story…

A good NC server needs all those points… and even if you manage all of them, sometimes you will stumble across somes issues…

Distro-related problems are points that AIO and the snap try to solve with their containerized format.

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Yes, absolutely right, but when snap, docker or other bullshit goes south…
This is another topic …

Right, though I disagree that docker is bullshit :wink:

not saying docker is bullshit… just saying when it goes south for unknown reasons, it become a real bullshit to deal with the troubles because you depends on too many layers of complexity…

Alright, that is true :+1:

The problem is probably not the installation.
The problem will probably be unsolvable problems with the nextcloud.
Expect that at some point your Nextcloud will break and become unusable.
Search Managed Nextcloud or improve your gnu/linux knowledge.

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