How to install Linux Ubuntu on my ftp server?


i’ve installed nextcloud server a few months ago on my web fts. It was a quick installation an deverythink is working as it should. But I was wondering if somethink like a linux or windows (free) operating system exist. Somethink I can install on my server and after entering the domain i can see a destkop use programms etc. . .

Somethink i just downloa , put it on my server like teh nextcloud zip and thats is.

Thank you very much.


I’ve installed Linux Ubuntu to my subdomain but it is not working. I sthere any option to install it ?

Do you mean something like a Web based OS that you use through a browser?

First example:

There have been many attempts for this, at least historically.

thank you very much. Yes, thats exactly what i’m searching for

I mean yes this is what im lookign for but I mean somethink mor epowerfull … liek a real pc. I do have a good enought power, but the reason im searching for this is because i wan tmore power. Im paying my hosting provider for 100 tb a lot of ram and a 12 core cpu. So i wanna take advantage of it.

Nextcloud is a web program and not an OS, which requires a running web server etc. on your server. If you don’t want to spend much time on setting-up a complete system on your own, you can use Nextcloud VM Nextcloud Docker or e.g. NextcloudPi - you’ve got the choice.

Snap with Ubuntu 18.04 is literally two liner commands (more if you HTTPS set it though obviously). So I prefer that route knowing that a isolated instance that “fire and forget” for the most part.

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Hello, i’ve uploadet ubuntu iso to my web ftp and linked it to my subdomain : But nothink is happening? Do you maybe know how ti install it ?

There is teh error code that i have to create a index.html or .php or somethink like that. But it is a operating system, not a website