How to install detect ransomware app

This app looks very useful. My linux skill level is novice, so how do i install this? When i download the app i get a tar.gz file. So i need to be able to transfer this file to my Nextcloud server. And after transferring i need to install the tar.gz file right?

Help is much appreciated!

Anybody with an idea?

the app should be available from the build-in appstore. so you prolly would need to sign as an admin in to your NC and look for “apps”… if you have found it you should navigate to the desired app and activate it. after a short while it wouldn be available in your instance and you could set it up (most prolly under setup and more settings


Thanks for your reply, when i search for ransomware in the app store i find:

  • Ransomware protection
  • Ransomware recovery

Which one is the app i would like to have?

depending on what you wrote earlier in this thread i think this would be the one :wink: