How to install Debian 9

Hello all,
is there someone who can suggest a full install guide for Debian 9 server machine? I mean from install to security tips

I highly suspect that @google might be able to :wink:
You’re welcome :slight_smile:

really not…plenty of buggy tutorials, that’s why I’m asking here

I’m sorry but it really depends on your hardware. Posting some specs might mean that people could share some experiences, but for just a generic Debian server install your best bet would be the how-tos or wikis at the Debian website.

But really googling “how to install debian stretch server on [model]” and sorting you results for recent year will often find something useful.

First of all have a look into the nextcloud admin manual for installation and security+performance hints. It is not a step by step guide but based on your knowledge it could be enough:

Jason Bayton also wrote a guide, which is a bid older but still works similar for all debian based systems:

Carsten Rieger wrote a guide providing a bid more advanced installation and configuration:

SyS0p3r provided another guide here that was actually intended for webrtc + turn server but provides the whole system + nextcloud installation until that: Complete NC installation on Debian with and TURN step by step

All this guides/manuals are well proven and often used, but some are older or do not 100% fit your Debian 9 wishes.

Alternatively use some plug&play system like nextcloud snap, vm or NextcloudPi.

Ahh I see I misunderstood you there. I thought you were looking for at OS install guide.

But for just installing Nextcloud in Debian with several security tweaks, I can also recommend the guide by Carsten Rieger. I Have used it several times for installing Nextcloud on Raspbian (based on Debian), and the guide basically covers everything.
Just remember to replace php7.1 in the guide with php7.0 because php7.1 is not available in the Stretch repositories.

Maybe me misunderstood, will see :laughing:. But yeah for “just” Debian installation, here it is the wrong forum and Debian related manuals/forum should me more promising.
But actually it should be not more than copying the image onto system drive. From here on, including all the webserver, php and database installation with related security hints is covered by our guides :slight_smile:.

I just created a new install guide for nextcloud on debian 9 stretch Complete NC Installation on Debian 9 Stretch and manual update


thanks a lot folks

Buy a VPS then select OS Debian 9 :)))))